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Jennifer The Grief Medium

(before booking please read "mediumship readings" and or "psychic/soul/Angel readings"  or "past life regression hypnosis " on this web site to get a better understanding of the services I provide before booking.   ‚Äč

Click below to schedule and book your mediumship, psychic/soul/Angel reading, or past life regression hypnosis session

Once  you click below

1)click whether you want a mediumship reading, psychic/soul/angel reading, or past life regression hypnosis session

2) Then Click "set time zone", after you make sure the time zone is in your time zone

3) Then choose date for your appointment

4) Then choose time available for your appointment 

5) put your name, phone number, and e-mail, 

6) read and click terms of condition

7) Then click pay now and pay with Pay Pal