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Jennifer The Grief Medium

Mediumship Readings 

(Please read this first before you book a mediumship reading).  

When E-mailing me for an appointment, please do not tell me who you are hoping to hear from in Spirit (your loved ones who have passed).  (The less I know about you and the Spirit the better).  Also you must be the only person in the room while I am reading you;  otherwise the Spirit I speak to may be for the other person in the room instead of you). 

Mediums are channels.  We are like a telephone and interpreter between this world and the Spirit World.  The way I read Spirit is by interpreting whatever Spirit shares with me to the sitter (client).  Spirit will show me things, have me feel things, taste things, smell things, hear things and even know things.  Keep in mind Spirit no longer has a mouth, nose, eyes, hands, or ears.  They give me messages by thinking about it and then sharing it with me from their soul to my soul.  My job is to interpret as close as possible what Spirit is communicating to me.  

Another point I have to emphasize is that I have no control over which Spirits comes through in the readings.  This is completely up to Spirit.  People often contact me expecting to hear from one particular person and people often do hear from the Spirit they are hoping for.  However, this does not always happen.  I can not guarantee any Spirit will come through because I can not force a Spirit to communicate.  

In individual 45 minute readings,  I usually bring through at least 3 Spirits (sometimes more).  In individual 30 minute readings, I bring through 2 Spirits (sometimes more).  You will have various family members or friends of yours come though (even beloved pets).  Your spouse's family may also come through or even your neighbor or best friend's.  Your grandfather who passed before you were born or who was estranged from the family may also come through.  

Please keep in mind, that Spirit has knowledge that is beyond our comprehension.  I would recommend that you trust the wisdom and healing of Spirt and let a Spirit speak to you, even if they are not who you are hoping to hear from.  They may have an important message for you.  Also know that all your family and friends in Spirit are aware of who is speaking and has agreed to let them speak.   


Sometimes someone who is still alive can come through in a mediumship reading.  This happens if the person has dementia, is in a coma, is very ill, or is close to passing because people's soul leave their body often during these times.   When this happens the person may have a message they want to share to the sitter since this may be the only way they can communicate.   However, recently I have been giving mediumship readings from Spirit people who are still alive in the physical body and who are healthy.  This happens when there is a message the person wants to say to the sitter that can not be communicated perhaps because of a physical distance, you have lost contact with them, or it is too difficult to express emotionally.  Remember we are all souls/Spirits even here on the physical plane.  

During a mediumship reading, most importantly have a open mind, open heart, and a wonderful time.  Know that your family and loved ones in Spirit are just as happy and excited as you are to communicate and that mediumship readings are miracles and a wonder to experience.   Know that the goal for the mediumship I provide is always for your greatest and highest good and healing.  


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