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Jennifer The Grief Medium

Psychic/Soul/Angel Readings

Do you have any questions about your life?  

Do you want to meet your guides/angels?

Do you want to better understand your life's journey and soul's purpose?  

The readings I provide can answer these questions.  These readings help you to connect with your soul and better understand your soul's purpose.  I will read your aura, use the Tarot, and talk to your guides/angels to help you on your path.  I will also introduce you to your primary guides and Angel.  (This is not a mediumship reading.  I will NOT be speaking with any of your love ones who have passed in Spirit in the psychic/soul/angel reading).  

This reading is either 30 or 45 minutes long depending on your request.  Please be alone during the reading.  Please have 2 questions ready that you want to know about your life or soul's journey.  This reading takes place via zoom or telephone.  ( For 45 minute sessions you may ask more then 2 questions, and you will be given long distance healing if needed).